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Italiana Carpenterie

Specialized company operating in the medium-heavy metal carpentry sector, leader in metalworking constructions and proven landmark at national level.

Modern and dynamic business located in Portogruaro (VE) in a strategic position, it occupies an area of 62,000 m2 (offices, workshops and storage areas) distributed in different facilities, with more than 120 specialized employees such as: engineers, architects, designers, carpenters , programmers and CNC machine operators, qualified welders, specialized painters and assemblers.

Thanks to diversification of the production lines in different sites, the company policy of efficiency and quality, and the experience in various operational fields, we provide any type of turnkey installation.

Italiana Carpenterie boasts achievements in different sectors, from carrying out industrial warehouses to the installation of ALUCOBOND® facades, from civil and structural construction to the energy sector:

  • complete service, from design to production, to installation;
  • value added buildings, with quality certification;
  • “turnkey” installations that include transport and on-site positioning and erection;
  • complete range of products capable to satisfy any storage need;
  • technical consultancy for warehousing problems and achievement of tailor-made products;
  • medium-heavy metal carpentry applied to Civil, Industrial, Mechanical, Energy and Marine sectors

The Company has its own technical office made up of a highly qualified Team of engineers, architects, surveyors and industrial experts who take care, to the smallest detail, of the design and workshop development thanks to innovative software for 2D and 3D modeling conception. The cost estimating office is composed of technically trained staff that supports the commercial office, allowing top performances.

In the production departments operate superintendents with many years of background experience and highly specialized in steel processing, managing and coordinating all the operational staff. Operators in-charge for CNC machines and robotic systems management undergo periodically to regular updating thanks to internal and external vocational training courses.

Being aware about the importance that the IT system has for both document processing and data security, the administrative and commercial departments operate through a company system based on Visual FoxPro language programs.

The Planning Dept. coordinates the operations of every single phase of the order, from production of semi-finished products to shipment of the finished elements, thanks to highly motivated and adequately trained personnel

Planning transmits the purchasing information to the office in-charge, that establishes the procurement through a well-defined supply network, optimizing every single process.

From the estimation draft, all activities are monitored by a quality supervision system that tracks the different phases of the production process, from acceptance of raw materials to final product, in compliance with quality standards imposed by production processes.

Certified Specialists for mentioned control processes carry out random visual inspections, welding and MT magnetic inspections when required

On-demand, we take in-charge also other types of tests and analysis thanks to collaborative agreements with external bodies, established over the years of implementation, with whom we share the know-how and specific preparation of processes, as well as their verification.

To ensure traceability of each phase and labeling of the material ready for delivery and/or shipment, all the raw materials used in the processes are subject to registration.

According to contractual technical provisions and in compliance with the executive methods aimed to guarantee the material integrity, many production activities are followed by the painting phase, aimed at providing to the final customer a finished and packaged product.

In order to comply with the sales specification, the painting process is followed-up too by a series of visual, tightness and thickness inspections.

Italiana Carpenterie disposes also of work teams that perform assembling of all the accessories complementary to the element, following loading and shipping operations both nationally and abroad.

On behalf of various clients, the forwarding department manages and coordinates very often the shipments, up to the final construction site.