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Our projects

Our company stands out in medium-heavy carpentry production field and is specialized the civil, industrial, mechanical, energy and marine sectors. Thanks to a solid experience and constant commitment to innovation, we have implemented major projects that contributed significantly to development and progress of our customers.


DESIGNING: the internal technical department has the most advanced CAE-CAD-CAM design systems that enable devising, calculating and designing steel carpentry structures as bridges, civil and industrial buildings, steel towers and metal carpentry in general.

MANUFACTURING: certified medium-heavy steel structures engineering achievements suitable to be incorporated into structural and infrastructural environments in civil, industrial, mechanical, energy and marine sectors.

ASSEMBLY of manufactured structures in own production for industrial and civil installations.

“TURNKEY” INSTALLATIONS: the company has gained considerable experience in the construction of works with the “turnkey” formula. We have the skills for an integrated design, manufacturing, coordination and assembly service for civil and industrial buildings construction, from foundations to fittings and tin smithery.

MAINTENANCE: ordinary and extraordinary servicing of buildings, industrial plants, operating machines and industrial tractors.