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Operational areas

Thanks to acquisition of important contracts, the company has upgraded its technological knowledge and skills. Recent substantial investments enhanced further operational capabilities and range of workable materials.
We are continuously committed in building medium-heavy carpentry products, with particular focus on civil, industrial, mechanical, energy and marine sectors.

Additional integrated sectors

– Assembly of special machinery, hydraulic and pneumatic systems;
– Maintenance of industrial plants of various types;
– Protection devices and equipment as per safety law regulations.

Civil sector

The intrinsic value of metal constructions lies in their capacity to transform civil works in a simple and functional way. Considering the high level of prefabrication of metal buildings, renovations and extensions are re-designed thanks to metal carpentry, optimizing “de facto” all spaces.

Industrial sector

Italiana Carpenterie has many years of experience in the industrial metal carpentry sector.

Construction, assembly and maintenance of industrial structures has always been our primary activity. We manufacture “turnkey” metal constructions that transform and improve, in a simple-functional and fast way, the value of existing buildings.

Mechanical sector

Mechanical carpentry is used in many work environments to manufacture tailor-made and standardized products. Thanks to its of reliability, flexibility and longevity, steel is the main material for construction of fixed or mobile structure’s elements that meet with very high precision technical specifications and executive drawings of the project

Energy sector

Steel structures play a fundamental role in the energy sector, baking the infrastructures for the production and distribution of energy.

High-strength structural steel has a strategic and fundamental function in this field, allowing safe and reliable facilities construction that resist mechanical and climatic stress, and comply with sector technical standards regulations.

Hydro Marine sector

In the Hydro Marine industry, metal carpentry structures play a role of fundamental importance, resistant to wear and stress, adverse weather conditions and high-tension situations.
The combination of specialized personnel’s skills and perfect processing of raw materials are distinctive elements of our structures, among which we highlight the construction and assembly of port structures, metal gates and port moorings as main specializations.