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Our offices

Here are the plants where our projects come to life. From planning to implementation, Italiana Carpenterie is the ideal partner for high-quality metalwork.


Via Segrè, 5 in Giussago di Portogruaro (VE) with more than 13,000 sq. m. covered and a total area of 47,000 sq. m.

This solution is used for complete warehouse management, from raw material to finished product, ensuring efficient organization and promptness in product shipment.

Service center

Headquarters at Via Majorana, 9 in Portogruaro (VE) with a covered area of 3,000 sq. m. and 12,000 sq. m. uncovered.

At the plant in Via Majorana, all activities for the preparation of semi-finished products for the construction of carpentry, managed for internal needs or on behalf of third parties, have been organized, and in particular, the following are performed:

1) cutting sheet metal of different sizes and thicknesses;
2) cutting of round and square tubes;
3) automatic welding;
4) robotic welding;
5) CNC machining;

Italiana Carpenterie boasts two production sites in Italy, in the province of Venice, a strategic point for loading and shipping operations for the domestic and foreign territory as it is easily accessible and connected by the main highway and railway arteries, as well as the proximity to the sea for sea transport.