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On a total area of 47,000 m2, of which 13,000 m2 are bay covered, the Headquarter hosts the corporate office and serves for warehouse complete management, from raw materials to finished products, guaranteeing efficient organization and promptness in products shipping

The Head Quarter is located in Giussago, Portogruaro (Venice), Via Segrè 5 in EastGate Park. It extends on a total area of 47,000 m2, of which 13,000 m2 are covered and used as production site and management offices, and 34,000 m2 open-air areas for storage of raw materials and management of warehouse finished product, ready for shipment.

The HQ is a production site made up of 8 bays, approximately 1,250 m2 each, and a double overhead crane for internal handling

No. 7 bays are dedicated to the main activities of carpentry assembly and manual welding, while No. 1 bay is dedicated exclusively to the painting system, in compliance with the standard atmospheric emissions references authorized by the Metropolitan City of Venice.

A further independent warehouse used for development and specific orders production is adjacent.

UNI EN ISO 3834-2 Certificate of Conformity No. 12/042P;

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certificate n. IT12/0586;

CE 1090 Certificate of Conformity – EXC-4 execution class n. 1381-CPR-295;

CQOP-SOA certification n. 65453/10/00 category OS 18-A – Class VI for metal carpentry work and structural steel components;

Transformation Center Certification No. 2912/13

The Technical Department has the most advanced software in order to design internally the construction of various steel structures.

Manufacturing of medium-heavy steel structures such as bridges, civil and industrial buildings, steel towers and metal carpentry in general.

Assembly of own production manufactured structures for industrial and civil installations.

Over the years the company has gained considerable experience in the construction of works with the “turnkey” formula, we have the skills for an integrated design, manufacturing, coordination and assembly service for civil and industrial buildings construction, from foundations to fittings and tin smithery.

Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of buildings, industrial plants, operating machines and industrial tractors.

Types of Structures:

– Industrial Sheds and Warehouses – to date, the largest structure built and assembled covers an area of 145,000 m2;

– “Turnkey” civil and industrial buildings in metal carpentry (construction and structural works, roofing, infills, waterproofing, curtain walls and doors and windows, ALUCOBOND® facades, electrical and plumbing systems, and other..);

–  Structural reinforcements and anti-seismic adjustments;

–  Sports facilities;

–  Construction and naval cranes;

–  Overhead cranes and related runways;

–  Industrial installations;


–  Railway bridges, viaducts, pedestrian bridges, overpasses;

–  Agricultural and soil processing machinery;

–  Mechanical carpentry frames in general;

–  Trailers and semi-trailers;

–  Carbon-steel and stainless-steel tanks;

–  Silos and silo holders;

–  Telecommunication and energy distribution pylons;

–  Industrial and special demolitions;

–  Assembling and welding of metal structures.


Supplementary integrated services:

– Assembly of special machinery, hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

– Maintenance of industrial plants of various types;

– Protection devices and equipment as per safety law regulations.

Italiana Carpenterie is a company prepared to face the continuous evolution of the reference markets, with a streamlined, versatile and highly reactive management, understanding and managing every need in respect of process defined standards.

Our strong intention to implement current production volumes and the ability to coordinate and develop each order internally allow us to cover the entire production range, and ensure the best competitiveness in the reference market.

Abiding commitments compliance toward our suppliers allow us to expand our supply chain day after day and strengthen our purchasing power.