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Service Center

In this center are organized all preparation activities for semi-finished steel carpentry products, both for internal and third-party requirements.

The Service Center is located in Via Majorana 9 in Portogruaro (Venice) and is structured for preparation and processing of all semi-finished products. It occupies a total area of 15,000 m2, of which 3,000 m2 of covered space and 12,000 m2 used as an external warehouse.

In the Service Center are organized and carried out all the preparation and production activities of the semi-finished product for the construction of metal carpentry, both for internal and third party’s needs, and in particular the following:

1) cutting of metal sheets, various sizes and thicknesses;
2) cutting of round and square tubes;
3) automatic welding;
4) Robotic welding;
5) CNC mechanical machining.

A robotic double station welding island equipped with two anthropomorphic OTC arms and a ZAYER 30KFU-4000 milling machine have recently been introduced.

The production unit disposes of all necessary means for lifting and moving internal and external materials, as well as for unloading, loading and shipping processed material.

An 80 tons industrial electronic weighing bridge is installed for raw material reception and shipment of the semi-finished product.

To fulfill the equipment for the preparation phases of semi-finished products, there are additional manual inverter welding stations with reduced energy consumption.

Each work center is equipped with computerized production declaration and traceability systems with automatic on-board detection of working time and warehouse, and automatic nesting systems for metal sheet cutting cycle.

The Service Center is equipped with detection and extraction of cutting and welding fumes installations and systems, in compliance with the standard fire prevention references authorized by the Metropolitan City of Venice.

To facilitate loading times and internal supply of the semi-finished products to 8 km away HQ plant, special in-house means of transport are used.

The whole facility, its systems and machinery, are supplied by a 400 KW electrical cabin.