Seed drill

We are proud to collaborate with globally prominent and leading companies in the production of agricultural machinery.

In this exciting project, we have made our expertise and passion available to the customer in order to produce a major batch of seeding machines. This seed drill represents a concentrate of technology and innovation at the service of agriculture.

The structure in painted metal carpentry, the result of close collaboration with the customer and a source of pride for Italiana Carpenterie, was built with the utmost precision and attention to detail in order to guarantee long term reliability.

Thanks to our experience in metal carpentry in the mechanical field, we are able to provide any turnkey project. In this case, we started with the purchase of the raw material, producing all the semi-finished products and components in-house, taking care of every detail to ensure maximum functionality during the construction of the frame.

In order to protect the structure from atmospheric agents and at the same time guarantee impeccable aesthetics, painting was applied with a high-performance cycle, as requested by the customer. Finally, the final assembly of all accessories was carried out, to provide the customer with a finished and complete product.