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Civil sector

In the civil sector, manufacturing of metal carpentry is mainly linked to production of accessory structures and equipment that integrate a primary building, fulfilling two principal requirements: maximum robustness and stability, and aesthetic appearance outcomes.

Italiana Carpenterie designs and manufactures internally any type of civil construction works, from warehouses to steel houses, from shelters to load-bearing mezzanines, canopies, bridges, up to large projects in modern architecture.

Metal carpentry is not only used for huge structures, but comprises also design and construction of warehouse structures and equipment, that improve production processes and increase spaces inside industrial plants.

The intrinsic value of metal constructions lies in their capacity to transform civil works in a simple and functional way. Considering the high level of prefabrication of metal buildings, renovations and extensions are re-designed thanks to metal carpentry, optimizing “de facto” all spaces

Even from an assembly point of view, metal carpentry has no equals in terms of production time and possibility of standardization. Steel constructions allow creation of finished “turnkey” structures in a short time optimizing both human and economic resources.

Not less important is the possibility of designing metal structures that satisfy every safety and security criteria, definitely a constant in our daily life. Italiana Carpenterie manufacturing activities are based on customer’s design, but in most cases internal technical office performs own solutions subjected to scrupulous quality controls in every process.