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Industrial sector

Proven competence in supplying design, construction and assembly of industrial warehouses, production plants and silos, customized solutions for specific needs of the industrial sector. Thanks to consolidated experience and work quality, we are committed to provide excellent and reliable results in every project. Active cooperation with our customers and professional service in all process phases guarantee the creation of high standard functional structures. Our reputation is an evidence of dedication to quality and excellence when providing tailored solutions to industrial needs.

Italiana Carpenterie has many years of experience in the industrial metal carpentry sector.

Construction, assembly and maintenance of industrial structures has always been our main activity, and continuous upgrading drives us to expand our activities and specializations, to improve customers’ production processes and increase safety and spaces in their plants. The intrinsic value of metal constructions lies in their capacity to transform civil works in a simple and functional way. Considering the high level of prefabrication of metal buildings, renovations and extensions are re-designed thanks to metal carpentry, optimizing “de facto” all spaces

Metal carpentry has no equals in terms of manufacturing time and standardization possibility even from the assembly point of view. Steel constructions enable building of ready-to-use “turnkey” structures in a short time, optimizing both human and economic resources.

Industrial carpentry is a synergy of means, machines, equipment, human resources and capital that transform material resources and energy into finished products.

Each performed execution demands accurate knowledge, consolidated expertise and a physical-chemical procedure, all required to overcome the most critical and complex situations of each structure, and ease safe construction processes.

The most important and sensible phases of industrial structures are design, construction, installation and maintenance. These are managed and coordinated by a team of specialized technicians and competent professionals whose task is to ensure that each procedure is carried out in full compliance with regulations and customer’s needs, providing support and professional guidance from design to production, packaging, shipping and assembly at final destination.

Italiana Carpenterie designs and builds CE civil and industrial structures, owning the UNI EN-1090-1 Factory Production Control conformity certification – execution class EXC4, and the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 design, production and steel structures installation quality certification. Above certifications guarantee that all our works comply with safety standards.

Assembly is the last phase in industrial steel carpentry and it represents one of the most advantageous aspects of this sector: the elements are transported towards construction areas in pre-fabricated form and then are assembled by using specific bolts and on-site welding

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