Columns and raceways

In this project, Italiana Carpenterie carried out the construction and assembly of columns and runways for overhead cranes with a capacity of 20 tonnes used for loading/unloading sheet metal from trains of various sizes and thicknesses.

The runways reach a length of 120 metres and a height of 8.5 metres, and maintain a constant load capacity in their entirety. The entire structure is constructed in Class EXC2 with steel profiles in S275JR quality. The raceways rest on columns constructed with 02 HEA 280 profiles, trussed together with UPN 180 profiles and class 8.8 galvanised UNI 1090-2 bolts.

The base plates of the columns rest on M24 galvanised anchor bolts previously embedded with concrete in the plinth.

The raceways are constructed with 02 HEA 650 beams and trussed together with UNP 200-180-160-120-100 profiles and class 8.8 galvanised bolts. The HEA 650 beams were stiffened by means of ‘ribs’ welded in a continuous seam between the core and the platform on both sides and along their entire length. In addition, the beams are also boxed on both sides, with 8/10 mm thick sheet metal sheets positioned between the upper and lower flange and also welded with continuous seam along the entire length of the profiles.

Columns and raceways are braced using bolted UNP 240 profiles to give stability to the structure. The structure has galvanised columns while the raceways are painted.