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Energy sector

Italiana Carpenterie comes to the fore also in the energy sector, manufacturing innovative solutions for steel load-bearing structures for solar panels, wind turbines supports and photovoltaic roofing for vehicles parking. By constant commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency, we actively collaborate with our customers to design and build infrastructures that promote the production of clean and renewable energy. Our technical expertise and attention to detail provide robust and reliable solutions, thus promoting a greener and more sustainable environment.

In addition to the fundamental role in the global economy from a strategic and environmental point of view, the energy industry is a sector undergoing constant evolution, motivating professionals and operators to create new reliable solutions to efficiently generate and transmit energy. Steel carpentry is strategic and fundamental in this field, providing solid and efficient infrastructural solutions for generation and transmission plants.

Thanks to peculiarities such as resistance, elasticity and use versatility, metal structures play a key role in safe and efficient construction of energy systems and related production and distribution infrastructure.

High-strength structural steel is the main material used for metal structures in the energy sector, thanks to its resistance to fatigue and high temperatures, guaranteeing structures’ reliability and durability over time, as well as high load-bearing capacity and better resistance to atmospheric agents, such as corrosion.

The type of project structure depends on multiple factors such as the characteristics of terrain, expected structural loads, snow or wind load and territorial laws and regulations in force. It is essential that all elements are designed and built by competent professionals with adequate training and proved experience, in order to build safe and reliable structures resistant to mechanical and climatic stress, and compliant with industry technical standards and regulations.

Thanks to a Team of experienced Senior specialists, Italiana Carpenterie has specific skills and in-depth knowledge in: structural aspects, choice of most suitable materials, construction procedures, welding, corrosion protection and final assembly, all elements essential to guarantee the durability and resistance of every structure over time.

Design must be compliant with structural engineering standards and ensure products withstand static and dynamic loads, including the effects of seismic events. 3D models processing with cutting-edge technologies and advanced software enable the technical department to reproduce realistic simulations and evaluate structural conformity at a preliminary stage, preventively removing any problem or interference that may compromise the final outcome.

Once finalized designing, we move forward to construction phase – fabrication, pre-assembly testing, protective treatment and installation of metal carpentry, all monitored by rigorous quality control processes in order to ensure that required standards are achieved in terms of strength, durability and safety. Inspections are carried out and recorded to verify correct execution of all processing phases and full compliance with required technical specifications. Italiana Carpenterie operates in respect of regulations and standards that guarantee quality, safety and reliability of built structures, as per our UNI EN ISO 3834-2 welding certification and UNI EN 1090 for structural conformity.

Given the environmental conditions in which energy structures are usually installed, prevention from corrosion is of fundamental importance and suitable protection must be applied. To help extending the longevity of metal structures, increasing their safety and reducing the risk of structural damage, the treatments that guarantee greater protection are hot galvanizing and protective painting.

The last phase before final testing of the structures is usually the installation/assembly.

This phase requires specific skills, experience in the use of adequate handling and lifting equipment, particular attention to detail and safety. The various elements that make up the structure must be carefully positioned, then connected to each other with specific bolts or on-site welding in order to guarantee structural stability. During assembly it is essential to respect technical provisions defined by design and pay particular attention to safety regulations in order to avoid accidents with adjacent structures and/or people.

Italiana Carpenterie is the ideal partner for the creation of innovative and reliable structural solutions in the energy sector, thanks to specific acquired knowledge over the last 3 decades.