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Hydro Marine sector

In the Hydro Marine industry, metal carpentry structures play a role of fundamental importance, requiring reliable and competent suppliers able to manufacture fully customizable structures of any size, resistant to wear and stress, adverse weather conditions and high-tension situations.

Steel carpentry applied to the Hydro Marine sector is the combination of skills of specialized personnel such as engineers and experienced technicians, qualified carpenters and welders, that realize excellent final products.
For this reason, perfect processing of raw materials is the distinctive element of our structures in a specific field.

Our equipment fleet is made up of the latest generation tools and machinery that allow large-sized manufacturing of medium-heavy metal carpentry structures, as well as fabrication of high quality semi-finished products, in short time and compliant with market tolerance requirements.

All phases are automated thanks to numerical control machinery that optimizes each production process and provides quality structures.

The main processing phases of metal carpentry structures are the following:

– Cutting
– Crimping
– Bending
– Roll bending or Calendering
– Processing preparation
– Assembling
– Welding
– Mechanical machining
– Sandblasting
– Protective painting
– Final assembling

The entire process is subject to rigorous quality control throughout the entire production chain, and respectively:

  1. Selection and verification of traceable origin raw materials;
  2. production control of semi-finished products: it is fundamental to work on semi-finished products that are in perfect cutting and structural condition. This is the only possible way to fabricate steel structures for hydro marine industry that will become quality finished products;
  3. Protective treatments inspections during on-site assembly, in order to ensure a finished product of the highest quality and safety.

Italiana Carpenterie is the ideal partner for realization of steel structures applied to water and marine sectors, thanks to the company know-how and its team of highly competent professionals.
Among company’s main specializations in hydro marine sector and related metal carpentry is construction and assembly of port structures, metal gates and port moorings.

Italiana Carpenterie is a reliable partner in Hydro Marine metal structures manufacturing field, from design to finished product.