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Mechanical sector

We are located in Portogruaro and our specialty is high precision mechanical machining and medium-high tonnage metal carpentry manufacturing.

We perform on owned 62,000 m2 equipped area and have a consolidated cooperation with companies specialized in different mechanical processes. Constant updating and cutting-edge technologies related to machinery, materials and processing procedures, in addition to professionality and technical skills acquired during last 3 decades in the specific field, ensure our customers the highest level of quality, efficiency and precision.

Mechanical carpentry is a high-precision activity aiming construction of fixed or mobile structure elements that meet technical specifications and executive drawings of the project, used to manufacture standardized and tailor-made products.

Mechanical carpentry can be used in many fields and related construction materials, but the broadest category is represented by metal carpentry. Steel is in fact the main material for construction, thanks to its characteristics of flexibility, longevity and reliability.

To manufacture high-precision mechanical carpentry structures which correspond to project technical specifications require very experienced programmers and technicians, with specific skills and knowledge.

The main manufacturing processes:




– Calendering
– Shearing
– Press bending
– Welding
– Submerged arc welding
– Laser cut
– Plasma cutting
– Oxyfuel flame cutting

All these processes can be carried out in manual or CNC mode.

Manual processes involve the intervention of specialized technicians operating and managing machine tools, while CNC operations – computerized numerical control – are performed by programmers allowing extremely high-precision processing that raise production and quality standards of the final product, with no error margin or inaccuracy.

We perform small, medium and large projects, always in full compliance with technical regulations UNI EN ISO 1090-1:2008 – execution class EXC4, while production and welding processes are certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 3834-2, to guarantee always the highest level of precision and attention to detail.

You can rely on Italiana Carpenterie for any mechanical carpentry work that requires precision, our expertise and professionality will be of good advice.